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Package Tour in Thailand

Time! to go "National park tour at Khao Yai" in this season/Must!!                                                    Floating Market Tour (Join-Half day tour) 20 USD/pp                           New & Old Kingdom Explore Thailand 5Days (Hot!) Bangkok- Chiang Mai                Elephant lovers:Elephant Ride& Bath   Amphawa Floating Market Tour  ***No Western Union or Money Gram used on the tour deposit on our tours!!! ,Use only the Paypal(re-check the email on the website.)  Welcome all Cruisers to Thailand

Exclusive morning Tiger Temple Tour (View 4188/Answer 12)
Thailand Tiger temple Tour in Exclusive morning program

Charlie and Tiger cub in Kanchanaburi,Thailand , this is the special day for all of us to visit the tiger temple.
Feeding the tiger cub, bathing with shampoo, leading to play in the groun, walking side by side and breakfast in tiger temple are the experiences to do here.

Activities with Tiger temple in morning tour(from Bangkok):

  • Offering food to monks,
  • Breakfast in Tiger temple with monks& staffs
  • Feeding tiger cubs by your hands,
  • Hug tiger cubs,
  • Photo with Biggest tigers in Temple,
  • Bathing tiger with shampoo by your own hands,
  • Feeding Steamed Chicken to mouth of tigers by your hands,
  • Play with tigers at Tiger waterfall for 45 minutes,
  • Holding strap to walk the biggest tiger to Tiger Canyon,
  • Walk tiger to Tiger Canyon,
  • Free tigers at Canyon ,Photo tigers.
  • River Kwai Bridge ,Crossing to explore and take photo on the bridge
  • Elephant Riding (optional),
  • Elephant Bathing (optional)
  • Bamboo Rafting(optional)
  • War cementary of World War II in Kanchanaburi city,
  • Back to Bangkok.

** Optional Tour Package: Elephant Riding + Elephant Bathing + Bamboo Rafting 2,000 THB/pp, Each activity 800 THB/pp

Pick up:04:30am

Dress to Tiger temple:

Lady: long pant , shirt-T shirt with sleeves, no bright colour; Red, Yellow, Pink

Man: No bright colour; Red, Yellow, Pink , short pant is ok.


Click this link for more information:


Answer No. 0
looking very interesting ,I will see and do it . Can you tell me more about it... Some of us ,they want to see more information about it . O.k to explore it over there,that's the questions?
Jwc Dorjit email
(17/03/2011 18:38:32) IP. 183.89.62.xxx
Answer No. 1
Tiger Temple ,Looking very interesting same to you Dorjit............! I thought one of my tour place in Thailand, I will try to do it by myself, Holfully nice there. John
John email
(04/06/2011 18:35:13) IP. 183.89.249.xx
Answer No. 2
I really wish there were more aritlces like this on the web.
Deena email
(11/10/2011 13:10:35) IP. 127.0.0.xxxxxx
Answer No. 3
thank you Deena, please welcome to visit us in this site , for all your questions will kick me out to find more details to you . Anyway it was my pleasure to do to you and all . If we can do it. WebAdmin
mike email
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xmvgsun email
(14/10/2011 21:54:49) IP. 50.57.3.xxx
Answer No. 5
Tiger temple tour in Thailand?
Noon email
(02/04/2012 13:26:28) IP. 183.89.249.xx
Answer No. 6
Another choices for your tour to Bangkok city with us in Bangkok Tour.
Mike email
(12/10/2012 16:22:22) IP. 110.169.186.xx
Answer No. 7
Finding this post has answreed my prayers
Hana email
(12/06/2013 14:32:14) IP. 108.40.88.xxxxxxxx
Answer No. 8
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Answer No. 11
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sjnyiftdpw email
(15/06/2013 23:15:19) IP. 184.173.215.xxxxxxxx
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